Physician Resources

Working with You

Our entire goal with working with physicians and other healthcare providers is to provide increased value by assisting with their intensive workloads. In other words, to make life easier for physicians to help their patients.

Working with referring medical providers in the community, Rivercross Hospice has developed a program to provide additional services to educate, support and assist with their clinical programs. Many services are offered to assist with the medical community’s efforts for increasing awareness and education for end-of-life services.

How Does Rivercross Hospice Help Physicians?

  • The Rivercross Hospice team is highly trained in hospice care and will closely assess your patient’s needs in order to help you manage your patient at home.
  • Hospice is an extension of medical care and allows physicians to get reimbursed for non-diagnosis services.
  • Rivercross Hospice provides billing guides for reimbursement, including other useful tools to assist with understanding the hospice benefit.
  • The hospice full interdisciplinary approach is not available anywhere else in health care.
  • As part of the hospice team, the Medical Director can assist physicians or nurse practitioners, or assume total management of the patient in providing aggressive pain management and non-pain symptom management.
  • Our hospice Medical Directors will make home visits.

Physicians Resources

Please feel free to utilize the following PDF guides as you make Rivercross Hospice your trusted partner for the best in hospice care.

Hospice Reference Guide (pdf)
Referral Criteria (pdf)
Common Misconceptions - Barriers to Hospice Care (pdf)
Physician & Hospice Terminology Guide (pdf)